Friday, September 2, 2011

Nothingness & Event

Aside from a bit of formatting that remains to be done, I've just finished my article for MonoKL's upcoming special issue on Badiou. It's essentially an extraction (and condensation) from my MA thesis, which I wrote a few years ago on Sartre and Badiou. Though I see it as being, more than anything else, a sort of formal experiment on philosophical materials (I have a hard time drawing anything, I don't know, self-subsistent out of it) it might be of some interest to the readers of this blog.

The gist of the paper is to demonstrate a strict structural similarity between the form of the Badiousian event and that of the Sartrean for-itself, and then use this homology as a means to splice together the two structures, as a way of fleshing out the skeletal theory of the subject in Being and Event with the dynamics of lack that emerge from the immediate structures of the for-itself in Being and Nothingness. Pure scholasticism, really, but I had fun constructing it.

The paper can be found HERE.

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