Monday, September 27, 2010


How does it look, Tzu? Readable?
Here is some randomly acquired text, just to see how it looks:

The Pisaca (IAST:piśāca; in Chinese, 毕舍遮) is a type of demonic creature in Hinduism. It feeds on human flesh, especially corpse. A female Pisaca is called ' piśācī '.
The Pisaca is referred only once in Rigveda (RV 1.133.5); Indra is said to have destroyed Pisaca andRakshasa. In Yajurveda and Atharvaveda, however, there are many hymns mention Pisaca, usually with other wicked beings like Rakshasa or Asura. Pisaca is said to haunt the streets and houses, the one who sees them is doomed to die in nine months.
The origin of Pisaca is unknown. It is probably the personification of ignis fatuus.[1] It is also maybe the demonization of some Indian tribes by Aryans (see Pisacha Kingdom). Pāṇini, in hisAshtadhyayi, told us that Pisaca was a ' warrior clan '. In Mahabharata, ' Pisaca people ' is said to live in northwest India, and they are descendants of Prajapati Kasyapa. And there are some ' Pisaca languages ' in north India.[2]
The Buddhist Preta is maybe derived from Pisaca.